What Does Suction Cup do?

What Does Suction Cup do? It does a lot of thing for human body and present civilization.

A suction cup is one kind of sucker. It is an object that uses the negative air or fluid pressure. It holds on nonporous area and creates a vacuum partially.


Medium suction cups with hooks 40mm diameter

Suction cups are peripherals qualities of some animal. Animals like octopuses; squids etc. are reproduced artificially in different purposes.

Cupping therapy is an alternative medicine in Ancient History of the world. In this way a therapist puts cups for suction, they used special cups on our skin for minutes and create suction process. Cupping therapy is latest trend now. But from Ancient Egypt, China and even in Middle East it was used frequently. In medical textbook, it is the oldest one too. In 1550 BC, in the Ebers Papyrus, described the used cupping therapy.


Medium suction cups with hooks 45mm diameter Thickening

What Does Suction Cup do for medical purpose?

Suction Cup is related with acupuncture and dry needling. It pulls blood in a area and stimulate healing process. It develops new blood flow in the vessel and creates anti-inflammatory options.

People uses suction cups for many reasons including to reduce pain, inflammation and control of blood flow. It is used for relaxation and well-being of human body. It is also for a type of deep-tissue massage. As usually the cups are made of glass, earthenware, silicone, bamboo etc.

From a medical report of 2012, Australian and Chinese researchers concluded on suction cup that it is effective on acupuncture, medications, Herpes zoster, Acne, Facial paralysis, cervical spondylosis etc.

There is some analysis that suction cups depends on air pressure. It lowers atmospheric pressure. In the earth, air and waters push against neighboring surfaces for gravity.  Theoretically it weights the atmosphere and pushes suction cup against that surface.


Mini suction cups with hooks 20mm diameter

Except medical purpose, What Does Suction Cup do?

At present, Suction cups used in commercially and industrial purposes too.

  • To fixing objects into vertical surfaces like refrigerator doors, suction cup techniques use too. In wall tiles and mooring ships, it is also used.
  • For moving large things like glass panes, raised floor tiles and automobile windscreens, suction cupping system is used also.
  • Nerf darts is a toy, for its functions suction cup technique is used too.
  • Suction Cup techniques are used in toilet plunger.
  • Climbers in urban industry and architecture works, for scaling buildings, for doing works in an exterior surfaces, suction cups techniques are required

Small suction cups with hooks 30mm diameter