Window Display Suction Cup screw nuts

window display suction cup screw nuts – Thumb Turn Nut Suckers. Clear, unobtrusive 30mm diameter PVC cup. Great for indoor and outdoor window displays.

small suction cup screw and nutsWindow Display Suction Cup screw nuts

Window Display Suction Cup Fixings – Heavy Duty

Heavy duty suction cups for attaching posters, leaflet holders, and business card holders to windows or polished surfaces. Use for both indoor and outdoor promotions. Heavy duty suction cups with a threaded clear plastic turn nut. Manufactured from clear PVC. Sold individually or in packs of 10

Features of Window Display Suction Cups

  • Small 30mm diameter suction cup provides strong adhesion to any glass or polished surface.
  • Subtle clear pvc cup wit clear threaded turn nut
  • 10mm threaded fixing stud – allows quick and easy fixing onto foamex panels, PVC poster pockets, acrylic poster pockets, wall mounted and outdoor leaflet holders, outdoor leaflet/business card holders.
  • Thumb turn nut – no tools required

Delivery of Suction Cups:

Next day mainland USA delivery is available for window display suction cups if the order is placed before mid day. We deliver to all areas of the USA

Please dont hesitate to call us or email [email protected] if you need any help or information

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window displays suction cup screw nuts
window displays suction cup screw nuts

small suction cup with plastic nuts

Suction cups- 30M5 6nut Features

Every suction cup has its own specifications. The following are the specification of this suction cup:

  • The diameter of this suction cups will be 1 to 1/5”.
  • The category of these suction cups is signature and literature holder.
  • The recommended hole size of this specification is 3/5”.
  • This suction cup can be used in hot and cold extremes.
  • In this, cup is assembled with an M5 x 1/2″ long stud made of zinc plated steel material
  • It comes with good quality and high productivity

Product description

This Suction cups Screw and Nuts 30M5 6nut is useful for handling flex glass displays. It is used to affix signs to the suction cups with the screw. This Hook with suction cup can easily fit to glass or another kind of non-permeable exteriors. This suction cup material is made from UV resistance PVC. This is most preferable when a good suction cup is required. It provides appropriate customization which is expected by the user. This equipment is of simple technology and easy operation and may be fixed as the plunger to secure the position.