How does a suction cup work

how do suction cups work

How does a suction cup work?

Suction cup work by having less air pressure on one side than the other, along these lines driving them against the surface they stick to. It’s significant, to keep the surface dry and spotless in order for suction cup to work. If the surface isn’t dry or clean, the suction cup won’t work effectively and the grip of the suction would be lose. Suction cup is pushed against the surface rather than pulling on a surface.

Level Surface

A Suction cup works effectively when the cup is firmly pushed against the surface for couple of seconds. Suction cup won’t also work on uneven or solid surfaces. Before applying suction cup on the surface it’s, crucial to also clean the rubber underneath the cup. If the rubber is dirty or contains any kind of dust, it won’t stick on the surface.

Suction cup work by keep up a vacuum. They are made out of adaptable materials which are similar to elastic and they work best against the level surfaces. Before applying suction cups, it’s vital to know whether the surface is in level or not. If there is any kind of hole, the suction cup won’t work effectively, as air pressure will be inside the area.

Air Force

Suction cup work depends on the air force, bring down air force makes it difficult for them to stick. In any case, air force is not the only sort that will work. Any pressurized liquid will bring about a suction cup to adhere to a surface. On earth, air and different liquids push against every single contiguous surface in light of gravity. It is truly the heaviness of the environment that pushes a suction cup against a surface.


Make the surface clean and spotless. Before installing suction cup, clean the bottom rubber part of suction cup. Dry the surface and the suction cup using paper towel rather than fabric to avoid any mark. Than delicately press the suction cup against the wall and hold the position up to 30 seconds. Remove the hand firmly and wait for about 5 minutes for suction cup to stick to the surface. Suction cup works best when there is not humidity on the surface. There should be no sign of cracks too. Remember to follow the procedure in order for suction cup to work properly and effectively. If the grip is lose, dry the surface and try it once more.
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